we FINALLY closed on our house

This post is a long time coming. If we could summarize the journey that was our homing buying process, I reckon it would look a lot like a WWIII film (yes modern technological warfare and all). There were many celebratory drinks and cheers, like this photo we took in the Louve in Paris, France, the moment we got an email that our loan had been approved "conditionally". (Home buying lingo for, "get ready for the shit storm of documents the underwriter is about to ask you for".)

Onikeh Brown Wilson - Closing on Home

(Corny photo? A little, but it was for our family, sooo......)

Also, there were many lows and tears, where I neared what felt like depression. Who knew the "conditions" requested would be just short a viol of blood, a lock of hair, and our next unborn child? But here she is, in all her 3024 sqft of glory.

Onikeh Brown Brandon Wilson House

We went on an on about how this would be our starter home. How the moment we got a chance this bad boy would be up on Zillow for rent and we would be moving on to our next home. But after the process of purchasing this lady, I just want to give her endless TLC, a pretty bow, and a big hug.

This house is not perfect, but it is our home, and that is ah AMAZING to say. We have finally broken the chains of renting. I can paint the walls zebra and I don't have to ask a soul. Thank you to all my family and friends that listened to every annoying home buying story, gave advise, helped out, and were apart of this journey! House warming coming "kind of" soon!

- O

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